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I am a thirty-one year old man (or more accurately, boy). I am married, with a beautiful wife (Sally) a beautiful fifteen month old daughter (Saskia), and our cat (Pickle). We live near Canterbury, in Kent (UK), and when I am not doing things I enjoy, I am an accountant.

Things I enjoy include playing with Saskia, trying to surf, skateboarding, mountain biking, photography, listening to music, cider, and Xbox (a distant memory since having Saskia).

I have been diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma (a form of skin cancer).

This blog is to document my fight against this disease, to provide a source of news for family and friends to follow my progress, and a place for them to leave messages of support or abuse (whichever they deem most appropriate).

But it will also contain nice stuff too – photos and updates on Saskia, other photos, and just other general news about us.

Thanks very much for visiting.



(page last updated 11th November 2012)

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Christy Smith

    Hi Ben,
    just discovered your blog, it’s a great idea and great that Anthony and I can keep up to date with your progress. We wernt really aware of the full situation and our thoughts are with you and your family. It sounds like you are keeping positive and very grounded throughout your troubles, amazing strength 🙂 love the photos of saskia, she is beautiful! it’s a real blessing you have her to help occupy your time at home and a fab opportunity for you to see her growing up.
    All the best for your treatment and look forward to more updates.
    Christy & Anthony xx

  2. David and Jacqueline Griffin

    Hi Ben, David and I are friends of Chris and Ivan and knew Sally when she was in Birmingham (long before she met you). We would like to say what a positive attattitude you are showing and how this will be able to help others in similar circumstances We hope that you and your family are blessed with strength to cope. Where does the name Saskia come from and what is the meaning?It is a beautiful name and suggets she will be a very elegant young lady some day. Sounds very much as if she will be a dancer of some kind. We will watch the blog weekly for any updates, but as we are at the same meeting as Chris and Ivan we do enquire of you every weeK. Our love and prayers go our to you all

    David and Jacqueline Griffin

  3. Thank you for your huge generosity in sharing to the depth and breadth that you do. Your words inspire and heal and are a great example of what it means to be a human being living life as the gift and the challenging invitation that it is

    Please keep on keeping on and please keep writing

    Your words who you are what you do and how you are showing up in the world are a blessing.

  4. Nicola Cucka

    Hey Ben

    Haven’t spoken to you in ages probably since your wedding! Uncle David told us about your blog what a great idea to keep us updated with your progress. We just wanted to say how sorry we are to hear your news, you never think it’ll strike one of your own family members. It’s really nice to read you are keeping upbeat and positive which is a good way to be. Saskia is looking beautiful and so happy and looks like she’s keeping you all very active! I wonder when my brothers will get round to having children so we can be the cool/embarrassing Auntie and Uncle! Martyn and his missus Kayleigh are down on 18-19 June from sunny Glasgow ironically at the same time as me and Nick are off from work and was wondering if you we could travel up to see you Sally and meet Saskia if you are free and it’s convenient?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Love Nikki and Nick xx

  5. Ben, Sally and Saskia,

    Sue here! Hey guys I am so sorry I didn’t get to speak to you both and the main boss Saskia today!! I had to go to work for 10 which is shit as I’ve had the last three off, grrrh!! I have been reading your blog everyday, dude you are good with the aul pen!! Its brilliant!!! I dont know how you do it. A book is next! I would have loved to have heard your voices and would really love to see you three really soon. Just let Paul and I know what is good for you and also if you need anything or if we can get you anything. Its great that the Radiotherapy went well this week and lovely to get out for a meal. Saskia is so beautiful and the total image of you both, I love her gorgeous big smile, and big eyes!!You are amazing Ben and you absolutely rock!! Thank you for your blog Ben and love to the three of you!!! Sue Xxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Ben, Sally & Saskia,

    We are so sorry to hear your news. I know we have been out of touch for sometime and would have hoped to have met up over drinks and reflect on happier times. You think it never happens to someone you know.
    Your blog is a great idea for updating your progress, educating others and raising awareness, keep up the good work! The photos are amazing and inspiring, Saskia is beautiful (with such a cheeky smile!). We are all so proud of you, your family, and your determination to beat cancer.
    If possible, we would love to come and visit you and the family one weekend. Please let us know what dates are suitable for you.

    Keep up the blog and best wishes to the family,

    Matthew & Shelley Edge

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