Treatment Day

So it’s treatment day today (first day of my second cycle).

Currently lying in bed writing this on my phone, trying to delay getting out of bed for as long as possible (which is fairly standard procedure for me). Saskia has just started talking to herself in the room next door. I can see her on the video monitor – she seems to be amusing herself in her cot for now.

I feel a little nervous, although not half as much as last time. At least this time I know roughly what will happen, how I will feel during and after the treatment, etc.

It will be a long day though. Got to get the train to London to be at the hospital for 10.30am. Then it’s sitting around in a waiting room, interjected with various tests; blood tests to see if my white blood cell count has recovered enough from the last cycle; height and weight measured to calculate the dose; blood pressure, etc. All to be followed by a chat with the doctor.

Assuming that all goes well and we can go ahead, I’m booked in for treatment at 3.30pm (although it might well might be later).

I’m hoping that once all the morning stuff is out the way, there will be enough time before the treatment for Sally and I to make something nice of the day and go for lunch somewhere.

Then after treatment the journey home will no doubt involve being crammed into a rush hour train full of commuters and their laptops, iPads, etc. Given my back, if there’s no seats available I won’t be able to stand, so will have to wait for the next train.

Saskia is awake now and has joined us. She is having breakfast in bed (this is first breakfast, shortly to be followed by a second breakfast of a weetabix, yoghurt and fruit). My Mum and Sister are here to look after her today.

Right, so as to avoid another nervous power walk to the station I should probably wrap it up here and get out of bed.

Will write more either later or tomorrow.


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11 responses to “Treatment Day

  1. Anna

    Thinking of you mate. If you need anything I can be at the Marsden by about 6pm x

  2. Becka

    Good luck for today! Don’t worry – the evening commuter trains aren’t normally as bad as the morning ones! x

  3. Lynsey

    Good luck today Ben. We are all thinking of you xx

  4. Chris and Ivan

    The Brummie contingent of your fan base are also thinking of you both.
    Lots and lots of love
    PS Very impressed by early start – what commitment!

  5. Janine Pommer

    Hey, been thinking of you today. Hope it all goes ok and you don’t have to spend to much time waiting around. Ask for a seat on the train! Hope you are well enough for a millionaires recovery shortbread tomorrow xx

  6. Annie & Andy

    Good luck Ben. Loads of love too.

  7. Good luck for today, hope all is well, sharpen those elbows for a seat on the train back!

  8. Caroline Dormedy

    Fingers crossed for no side effects this week. Thinking of you. Keep the blogs coming, it’s great to hear from you xx

  9. Waidehi

    Thinking of you Ben – many positive thoughts from Toronto. Thanks so much for writing this blog, it’s an amazing way for us to be on this journey with you all.

  10. Katherine Edge

    Hope it’s going well. Saskia is being very good and enjoyed her Shepherds pie!

  11. Our positive thoughts are with you from Stouffville. We are hoping the side effects are as minimal as possible. Also hope you got a seat on the first train home!
    All our love to you, Sally and Saskia.

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