A little bit of admin…

A bit of a boring and functional post now I’m afraid, concerning the blog URL (web address). In summary, I have decided to get a proper URL for the blog – the new address is…


(Note – it doesn’t need ‘www.‘ – but will work with or without it)

While the initial motivation for the blog was to keep family and friends informed, it has begun to move beyond this – people have started to pass it on to other family, friends, and colleagues; and it may go on further from there.

Now this is something that I am pleased about. If in the process of writing this blog I can raise awareness of skin cancer as an easily preventable cancer, and very treatable if caught early, then this is a good thing. If as a result of reading this someone remembers to put on the sunscreen, reaches for the fake tan instead of a sunbed, or goes to the doctor to get a suspicious mole examined that little bit earlier, I will have done some good.

So to those who have shared, or want to share, this blog with anyone else, please feel free.

However, in order to protect our privacy (without wanting to get all ‘Daily Mail hysteria’ about it!) I would be grateful if going forward people could distribute the new address shown above.

The old address will continue to work – it will just redirect to the new address. For those signed up to receive e-mail updates these should continue to work as they are.

Thanks to all!

P.S. I’ll try and post something more interesting next time.

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