Up and Atom!

Just a quick update to let you know that we heard from Canterbury Hospital yesterday afternoon – my radiotherapy has been brought forward, and I start tomorrow afternoon. The treatment will consist of five appointments, ending next Wednesday (I get a nice three day break due to the bank holiday).

On balance I am pleased to be going in sooner rather than later (although with a touch of trepidation). This morning was spent nursing another headache (not too severe, but there nonetheless) so it feels good to be getting on with something.

I’m not entirely sure what to expect in terms of side effects from the treatment – I’ve been told everything from “you’ll be completely wiped out” to “you’ll tolerate it fairly well”. I’m going to be positive and expect to lean towards the latter – I don’t usually suffer too much with side effects. In fact I tend to think they can be psychosomatic as much as anything – if you expect to get them you probably will (if I’m a withering wreck by Friday you can all enjoy me publicly eating those words!).

Either way, I have set Sally up as an author on the blog, so if I am not feeling up to posting she can keep you all updated on my behalf. Obviously her prose won’t be as glittering or flowing as mine (I have always been the artistically gifted one in the relationship*) – but she is fairly adept with basic sentences, so you should all be fine in her hands.

Right then – I’m still planning a Saskia post before I go in for treatment tomorrow, but wanted to get this news out there first.

[* Just for the record, this is a complete lie]


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11 responses to “Up and Atom!

  1. “Equally glittering but differently glittering” will, I am sure, be acceptable to your readers and fans! šŸ™‚ Sending you all love and strength for tomorrow. I am calling it “Radiant Therapy” and seeing you being filled with light beams that only add to your good looks and general well-being. Blessed be, Steph

  2. Jacqui

    And was just off to buy you some Mr Bump plasters šŸ™‚ You are incredibly brave and this is just one more step for you to take. You know you are surounded by love so pull on that.
    PS – have been a sample of Sal looking at my written work so bet she is itching to write something……..love her dearly too šŸ™‚

  3. Good luck with the treatment, I hope it goes ok for you and doesn’t make you feel too poorly šŸ™‚

  4. Sally Vowles

    Good luck Ben, please remember if there is anything we can do to help please, please let us know.
    Take care
    Sal x

  5. Graham & Sandra Harding

    Hi Ben, Sandra and I continue to talk about you and the girls, appreciating that you are outnumbered, I should be careful what you say about being more artistic etc., it may well come back and bite you when Saskia gets a little older, and they start ganging up on you. (It happens, speaking from experience!!!) Your positive attitude is a great key, and helps us all to be positive with you. One day at a time, sufficient strength for the day is want we all need and you are helping us too. Continue to fight knowing that we are all in your corner. With love to you all Graham & Sandra xxx

  6. Pauline

    Dear Ben,
    Thanks so much for your latest blogs – I’m so pleased to hear that you will be starting your treatment tomorrow and will be thinking of you. Waiting must be so difficult!
    Your previous post leaves me, once again, filled with admiration and respect for you. It has really made me reassess my own life.
    Pauline G

  7. Abi

    Hi Ben

    Hope the treatment goes well over the coming week. It’s great to hear you being so positive!! Definitely the way forward.

    I look forward to the Saskia post.

    Sending you lots of Waring love.

    Abi, Bram and Holly xx

  8. june and colin

    HELLO ben,
    its around 3.45 in the afternoon here in california! your probably all asleep in England.:) … I wanted to wish you luck tommorrow and for staying strong…Runs in the family.:) I was in a place called petaluma today which is famous for farms and chicken eggs! its out in the country, but the hayfever from all the dry grass is horrible.:( Im so pleased to be living close to the ocean. Ok Big Ben i look forward to hearing from you .. What do you say in england? Cheers or Have a nice day šŸ™‚
    Your over seas connection
    c x

  9. Ron and Nancy

    Up and Atom, Ben and many wishes for good toleration of the treatment.
    Love and positive thoughts riding on the waves.

  10. Lynsey

    Good luck with your treatment today Ben, we are all thinking of you and glad things are moving forward for you. Continue to stay positive and strong.

    Lynsey xx

  11. Janine Pommer

    Dear Ben, sending you lots of love and best wishes for today and the next few during your treatment. We are thinking of you and sending positive vibes (although you are the most positive person i know!). We’re are keen to do anything we can to help you out so please let us know if you think of anything. See you soon, the Pommer family x x x

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