One down, four to go…


Just a quick note to let you know that my first round of radiotherapy went well – so far no noticeable side effects. I’ll try and write more tomorrow about what the treatment actually involved.

In the meantime I just wanted to say thanks for all the messages of support I have received recently – both in preparation for today, and also over the last couple of weeks. I’m afraid I haven’t yet been able to reply to most of you – but rest assured I read them all, and they mean a lot to me.

‘Round two’ tomorrow then…


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17 responses to “One down, four to go…

  1. Lindsay Macdonald

    Round 2 tomorrow, then it’ll be even stevens… It’ll be a walk in the park after that! All the best Ben =)

  2. Caroline

    Well done you, keep at it. We’re all here with you for support every step of the way. Xx

  3. Lynsey

    Hi Ben. It was great to see you, Sally + Saskia earlier.

    Saskia is a little darling! Such a beautiful baby! I hope she has been having fun with all the toys and you haven’t been hogging them too much ;-).

    Good luck with your second lot of treatment tomorrow, will be thinking of you.

    Lyns xx

  4. James

    Good to hear you’re in good spirits Ben. Lots of love from our corner to you Sal and Saskia xx

  5. Paul Hourican

    Great news Ben, Keep fighting the good fight! You will do it!!!

    Paul & Sue

  6. Waidehi

    Incredible posts Ben – informative, entertaining and brimming with fight. Great to see pics of Saskia. Good luck with treatment two tomorrow. We are thinking of you guys! W

  7. Graham & Sandra Harding

    Good to hear, stay strong. Graham & Sandra xxx

  8. Lizzie

    Glad to hear it went well today Ben. Sending lots of positive vibes your way for tomorrow and for the rest of the treatment! Love Lizzie, Liam & Eli xxxx

  9. Thanks for letting us know how you got on today. Holding you in prayer for tomorrow. Blessed be. Steph xxx

  10. june and colin

    hello big ben,
    I just arrived home tonight from a place called Oakland…Not the best place to be, but it was for business…Theres this group called The Occupy, i dont know if you’ve heard of them, you can google it and see what happened on May 1st this week..all over the news. unbelieveable, almost like what happened in London with the riots…:( anyways, i thought i would just share some stuff with you… Im pleased everything went ok on your first day of radiotherapy, your a strong fellow who comes from good stock (family). Your attitude is cool. Ok mate, i guess its time for some soup and then bed…:)
    Your over seas connection.:)
    c x

  11. Ron and Nancy

    Just picked this up, Ben. Glad the first treatment is over and possible with the time change, you will have now had the second. Thanks for the update.
    Our thoughts are with you, Sally and Saskia.

  12. Jacqui

    Hope it went well and you OK – must be a bit of a fantasy getting taped to a bed by nurses 🙂

  13. Tanya

    Good luck with the next few rounds. xx

  14. Graham & Sandra Harding

    This was sent to me a few years ago, when I was struggling with an illness, it is not meant to be facetious, I believe this is what you are doing so I hope in some small way it helps. Graham

  15. Ben

    Hi Graham.
    Thanks very much for all your recent comments.
    Wondering if there was supposed to be a link in the last one (above)? I think WordPress might not allow links in comments (to stop ‘spam’). Perhaps you could e-mail the link via Chris and Ivan (for the same reason of avoiding ‘spam’ I don’t want to put my e-mail address up here).
    Hope that’s ok – thanks again.

  16. Claire & Phil Leslie

    I hope you’re feeling ok after round 3 Ben, it’s good that you now have 3 days off, take care xxxx

  17. Remember you are not alone in time of trouble

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