New Page – ‘The Enemy’

Just to let you all know I have added a new page to the blog, entitled ‘The Enemy’.

I won’t write too much about it here – but the aim is to try and raise a bit of awareness around prevention and early diagnosis, through a combination of factual information and my own personal experience.

Melanoma is an easily preventable and, if caught early, very treatable disease – so a little bit of awareness can go a long way, and with any luck hopefully help spare other people from having to go through this ordeal themselves.

The new page can be found at the top of the blog, next to the ‘About Me’ page.

Check it out – you never know, it might just be of use to you or someone you know. If someone had shown me this page five or six years ago, there is a chance I might not be in this situation.


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2 responses to “New Page – ‘The Enemy’

  1. Angela

    Excellent Ben. An extremely valuable and comprehensive additon to your blog. Hope you and Sal manage to get out for lunch this week. Ange x

  2. june and colin

    Good evening or good morning Ben. its 940pm so your probably asleep, 8 hours ahead its still early your time. I just had the longest day working in the east bay ..:( Lately all i seem to be doing is driving. I had appointments with businesses all over the place. The weather here at the moment is very warm. This weekend we have this once a year event , called the Tiburon Wine Festival on Saturday…Its a chance for winerys too pour wine and food places to show there food . You have to buy tickets for this event and they usually sell out fast…..If you Google: Tiburon Wine Festival, you could see what im talking about..Anyways just wanted to give you alittle update on whats happening on the other side of the pond…
    Thanks for all the info and teaching us to be aware…I want to use this british word ……mmmm Brilliant…< did i spell it correct? Your Brilliant Ben for sharing…ok Pal , best of luck
    I will be watching for your next update..
    your over seas connection x

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