Today’s news…

Hi all. It’s Sally here, sat on the train next to Ben after a long long afternoon at the Royal Marsden. As you’ve just probably guessed from the fact that I’m writing rather than Ben, we didn’t get the positive news we were hoping for.

The CT scan that Ben had earlier today showed that the cancer has progressed, which means that the chemo hasn’t been effective and we won’t be carrying on with it. We now have another big decision to make about where we go from here in regards to treatment.

I won’t go into more detail – Ben will be posting in the next day or two when he’s had a chance to get his head round this new information – but we just wanted to let everyone know the basics of what has happened today.

We’re obviously gutted, but not giving up hope yet! Huge thanks to you all for your thoughts, messages, vibes and prayers.


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27 responses to “Today’s news…

  1. So sorry to here the news wasn’t good today, you are all in my thoughts x

  2. Chris and Ivan

    You both know we are here for you and will do anything to help you both. Stay strong Ben.
    All our love xx

  3. amanda reeves

    Jim and I are so sorry to hear your news guys. Thinking of you lots and sending you our love and prayers. Stay strong ben. We ll be waiting for your next post.

  4. june and colin

    hello sally,
    Im so sorry to hear that..But never give up hope, there are lots of treatments out there and lots of very smart doctors…We are all praying and support you and ben.
    colin and June xxxx

  5. Tanya

    Hey guys. Sorry to read the last blog. Sending my love and luck. xx

  6. elisamorse

    Gutted. Stay strong, think positive and keep looking. I’m sure the right treatment IS out there! Thinking of you all. Eat cake xxx

  7. Graham & Sandra Harding

    Hi Sally and Ben, taken my breath away! we all hoped and prayed most earnestly, and you know what we believe. Our thoughts with yours must remain positive, (easy for us to say) But you have both given us a strength and energy, and I am sure all of your bloggers. Looking forward to talking again soon love to all of you. Graham & Sandra xxx

  8. Rachel Stead

    Hi you two. It was so lovely to see you both this morning – I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye & wish you well for today but it got a little chaotic as I’d bought the wrong ticket…had to get a refund & exchange…naturally much tutting from people in the queue…just made the train with a minute to spare – phew! Anyway, I wanted to know that I thought of you a lot today, & like everyone, was hoping for more positive news. You must be so tired & so disappointed. I hope the next few days will allow you to see what you need to do next & also allow you both to rest & simply enjoy being a family. Saskia must give you enormous strength & a sense of perspective. Like so many other people, my love, thoughts & prayers are with you. xx

  9. Claire Mera

    Ben and Sally just wanted to say that we’ve been following Ben’s blog closely and are so sorry that you didn’t have the news you were hoping for today. We’re all thinking of you and sending you as much positive energy as we can muster to help you face the next set of challenging decisions. Lots of love to you both and to Saskia (whose photos we’ve been really enjoying), Claire, Migs and Rosa x

  10. Lizzie

    Hey guys, we’re so sorry to hear it wasn’t good news today and we’re sending lots of love to you all. We hope we can still see you on Sunday or we can always take Sas for a few hours if you would prefer. Love Lizzie,Liam&Eli xxxx

  11. Lindsay Macdonald

    Saying a prayer for you and your family tonight, may god bless you and keep you safe… Linz x

  12. Angela

    Sal and Ben, you know that your family and MANY friends are sending love and support to you. Your ability to cope together with all that life has thrown at you this year has touched us all. You are not going to stop now.
    Ange x x

  13. Hi Sal, thanks for writing on Ben’s behalf. I have been missing his posts and we were all keen to get an update on his progress. You must be feeling devastated by the news when everything seemed to be going along just fine and Ben wasnt having horrible side effects from the radiotherapy. Where do you go for hope at a time like this? How do you stay strong in the face of such a daunting medical assessment? Thankfully, it is only an opinion, albeit backed up by scientific knowledge. It is an opinion about Ben’s physical condition but does not take into account the bigness of the being that Ben is – the amazing soul that we have all witnessed through this blog – the humour, the intelligence, the depth, the sensitivity, the humility, the courage, the curiosity, the great love that he has for his wife and his daughter and for life. The cancer cells cannot touch the essential greatness of Ben’s soul. As I sit here and pray for you, I declare that the Omnipresent Spirit of the universe wraps its loving arms around the three of you, holding you in a container of peace and strength while you courageously take each next step in this unfolding journey. Even now Divine Love goes ahead of you to prepare the way. Even now, the Power and the Presence of Life is having its way with you, revealing the Truth: Ben is whole, alive and free, always was and always will be. I say Amen and wish you a blessed good night. Love always, Steph

  14. stay strong ben. your still in our thoughts and prayers. sending lots of hugs from plymouth!

  15. Janine

    Dear Ben and Sally, I have just read the post and am so sorry to hear the news, we had our fingers and toes crossed for you all day. You are incredibly strong people, surrounded by family and friends who love you all dearly and I’m sure you will pick yourselves up and continue on bravely. Love to you and all your family. We are thinking of you all and are here if you need anything. Lots of love from Janine, Dan and Matilda x x x

  16. Claire & Phil Leslie

    Dear Ben & Sally, we’re so sorry about the latest news and just want you to know that our prayers and positive thoughts are as strong as ever as you move to the next step of this challenge. You are a total inspiration to everyone who knows you and those you don’t know you but have been touched and inspired by this amazing blog. Loads of love from us all.xxxx

  17. Jacqui

    Hi Ben and Sal, Life so sucks sometimes, too many knocks that difficult to deal with – have taken the afternoon off so can find a quiet place to run around shouting FUCK at the top of my voice – join me any time to see how much noise we can make together. Running around like a luney on a beach has to be good :). So not giving up on this, you or your cancer battle – Tuesday will see delivery of love and healthy food – special spinach soup at the top of the box – know its your favourite! Jacqui xxxxxxxx PS Promise not to swear infront of Sas.

  18. Caroline

    Hi Guys,
    Really so sorry to hear that news, not what any of us wanted at all. You’ve had so many knocks, but have always picked yourself up. Keep going my dear friends. We all love you so much and are here to help in any way shape or form. Much love the Dormedys. x x

  19. Oh no, I am so sorry. Sending my best wishes. Meriel (from York)

  20. John and June Edge

    Hello Ben, Sally and Saskia, just read your blog we are so so sorry to hear of the latest results, stay strong our thoughts are with you love John June and Family x

  21. Gemma & Foster

    Dear Ben, I’ve not posted before- I’m a friend of Sally and Saskia’s (from the faversham baby circuit!!) your blog was shared with me from Janine and Lizzie. I’m so sorry to hear the latest news, what an awful setback. Your posts have been full of determination and strength, so use that to help you get through this tough time. Hoping Saskia has been giving you lots of toothy giggles to make you smile. You’re in my thoughts xx

  22. Hi Ben, Sally and Saskia,
    We’re sorry to hear of the disappointing results. We’re all behind you Ben & Sally, hang in there, you’re got friends and family for support. Stay positive! Matt & Shell.

  23. Michelle Walker

    Hi Sally and family,

    I’ve been following your blog over the last few weeks and I’ve been touched and inspired by what I’ve read. You guys show amazing courage, strength and a positive perspective that will no doubt keep you going through this difficult time. I’m sorry this latest news has been disappointing. You have an overwhelming amount of support and love from friends and family and I hope this is keeping your spirits up. Please know that many of the EiA crew are thinking of you all (myself included). Best wishes. Michelle Walker x

  24. Maureen

    Hello to you all
    I’m Foster’s Grandma and heard about your wonderful blog through Janine. It even gave me inspiration for a little extra birthday present for Foster just as it’s giving us all inspiration from your strength and courage. I’ve been wanting to comment for week’s but Sally’s message on Thursday really touched me as I could feel the depth of the darkness it would throw on you…. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I agree about not swearing in front of Saskia but not so sure about spinach!!
    I wish you joy love and peace so at such a difficult time I hope Saskia isn’t cutting too many teeth to give you joy rather than hassle -she must be a welcome distraction!! Please give Sally the hugs she missed from Gemma and me today and be gentle on yourselves. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Rich blessings from Maureen x

  25. Victoria Jack

    Sending love….as always… just loads of it. Vic xxxxx

  26. Karen

    Hugs to you all am here if you need any thing lv kx

  27. David and Jacqueline Griffin

    Dear Ben, Sally and Saskia. David and I were so sorry to hear your latest news. We are praying every day for you that you both in your various needs may be given strength. Our belief is that Christ will return and we hope this will be very soon

    With love Jacqueline xxxx

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