Pulling a sickie…

I was supposed to be going to the sleepy hamlet of London today, for the dreaded ‘chemo response’ CT scan at St George’s, followed by vaccine dose number three at the London Clinic.

But instead of zipping around London (actually I don’t really ‘zip’ in any sense of the word these days – with the exception of my trouser flies, which I always forget, but that’s another story…) I’m still at home, lying on the bed, much like most other days.

Why’s that then? Well I have been feeling a little under the weather of late, mostly (we think) due to extreme tiredness and lack of sleep. My body has decided it only needs to sleep between the hours of ten pm and midnight – which I can’t say I entirely agree with.

Well to cut a long story short, a crappy nights sleep Monday night led to a sore throat yesterday morning, which by evening had developed into the worst cough I have ever experienced. I was having coughing fits every five minutes or so, and certainly wasn’t going to get any sleep again. Sally very sensibly decided to decamp to the spare room, and left me to my hacking.

So after a night of being awake with non-stop coughing I decided this morning that I was going to phone in sick for today’s appointments.

It’s funny how, despite being genuinely quite ill, I still felt guilty about missing these appointments. Like you feel guilty when you phone in sick at work – you wake up, feel terrible, so you phone in sick… and then as soon as you put the phone down you start to feel better, and subsequently guilty.

Being at home has its advantages. Firstly I can catch up on some sleep. In fact I have been ‘sleep writing’ this blog. Every few minutes I wake up and realise the last sentence I wrote was a load of nonsense.

And secondly I can watch Deal Or No Deal. I’m not really sure how I have managed to get hooked on this show, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit it publicly – especially with ‘Creepy Noel’. But for some reason I find it quite watchable. And watching ‘Creepy Noel’ try to make the game sound anything other than entirely random is kind of funny.

So there we go. I don’t have much to report on my condition really – insomnia, cough, no energy, etc, think that’s about it. Usual stuff really.

Right, will keep you posted next week then, as we have three days of appointments in London.


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2 responses to “Pulling a sickie…

  1. aigul

    Hey I can take many things lightly, but when my friend gives in to deal or no deal, it is beyond me! How can u watch this very “nice” and “emotional” game show with the guy who wears lovely shirts!? I hope ur not about to change ur taste! Lol x

  2. Jacqui

    You seriously need treatment if you find Noel Edmunds watchable!! Try some honey for the cough – may not help but ilicit sweet stuff will work wonders on the psychie!!

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