More info about the funeral

Here’s another short post with just a few extra details regarding the funeral…

Dress – There is no need to wear black, unless of course that’s what you’d prefer to wear, or just happens to be the colour of your outfit.

Flowers/Donations – The family will be providing the flowers. If you would like to remember Ben by making a donation to one of his chosen charities, Cancer Research UK or Pilgrims Hospices, there will be collection envelopes available at the ceremony.

Other fundraising – My brother David is also busy fundraising for these two charities by taking part in several triathlons and the Tough Guy contest. If you would like to support him you can visit either of his Just Giving web pages (for Cancer Research –, or for Pilgrims Hospices –

The Wake – After the ceremony we will be going across the road to a lovely pub called The Horns which is opening up all its rooms especially for us.  There will be some refreshments provided including tea and coffee, plus the bar will be open throughout the afternoon. Food will be available to buy from 6pm if anyone would like to stay around a little longer.

Parking – Parking is extremely tight at the burial site so we recommend that you park at The Horns pub.

Accommodation and Transport – Several of our friends in the Wimborne area have kindly offered their spare rooms in case there is anyone who is stuck for somewhere to stay. If you are interested (or have a room to offer) please contact me. Likewise I am sure we can help people who are travelling to Poole Station and will be in need of a lift. If you are able to offer a lift, or are in need of one, please let me know.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all and sharing memories of Ben together.



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2 responses to “More info about the funeral

  1. Thanks Sally. Have been thinking about you so much today and wondering how everything was progressing vis a vis the service. I feel it will be very uplifting and celebratory – just the way Ben would have wanted it. The Spirit of Love goes ahead of you, Ben, Saskia and all the family members and friends to prepare the way for a magnificent healing to occur within the hearts and minds of all beings everywhere. So beautiful to behold. Blessed be. xxx

  2. Anna Finnemore

    As I said Sally, I’m happy to put up anyone who needs a room and can also do lifts so just say the word or anyone can contact me direct on 07888689684. Thinking of you all the time x

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