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This morning.

This morning Ben died peacefully in his sleep.

He spent his last days surrounded by his family, kindly cared for by the wonderful staff at Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury. His sudden deterioration in health took us all by surprise, though gladly it meant that he did not suffer for long at the end. Despite being in hospital over Christmas, we celebrated together and Ben was able to open presents with us all and see Saskia playing with her new toys.

Ben was such a strong man – kind, honorable, caring, genuine…and very very courageous. We’ll miss him deeply.

Good bye Ben. We loved you so much.

Saskia and her Daddy

Saskia and her Daddy

Post script – Over the last few weeks Ben has started two draft posts that he never had chance to complete and publish. As soon as I can, I’ll publish these along with some more about the last couple of weeks and some Christmas photos.


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Thank You!

Just another quick post from me to say lots of huge thank yous to all of you who donated to the the Moonlight Walk. I’d love to write to you all individually – and I might yet when I get the time – but in the meantime I hope you won’t mind a group thank you. I’d especially like to say thanks to the people who don’t know Ben and I very well or haven’t seen us in years  – it’s really generous of you to give of your hard earned cash for our cause.

I’d also like to thank Janine and Lizzie for making the walk such a jolly experience and for getting their friends and families in on the fundraising. Lizzie should have a special fanfare of her own for completing the walk while being thirty-four weeks pregnant – what a woman!

Lizzie, me and Janine – showing off our medals

I’m just blown away by how much we’ve raised – £1,565 at the last count – amazing! Last time I can remember collecting money for charity was when I was dragging a battered sponsor form around, pestering friends’ mums and neighbours for their 50p’s for the school fun run (making me sound very old and rather slack on the fundraising for that matter) so raising this much money with a bare minimum of pestering has come as quite a shock. Thank you all very very much.

Pilgrims really is a great cause – we were there again yesterday visiting the doctor  – unlike the rushed appointments with the doctors in London where you always feel like you have to speak as quickly as possible to squeeze everything in, we have relaxed half hour plus appointments where we can talk calmly and in detail about all the things that the high powered consultants would probably find a bit dull anyway (but are so important for us) like fatigue, sleeplessness, pain relief etc. We count ourselves as very fortunate indeed at the moment with the team of doctors looking after Ben between St Georges’s, Canterbury Hospital and Pilgrims. And fortunate to have so many good friends and family to support us – all of you.

Thanks again.


P.S. Really not nagging (honest!) but if you’d been meaning to donate to the Moonlight Walk but hadn’t got round to it, you still can (until November I think) – just go to


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£1,000 and counting…

Hi folks – Sally here…

Whoopeeee! The total donations for my Moonlight Walk on Friday in aid of Pilgrims Hospices has reached the £1,000 target and is still going up!

I really didn’t think we’d get to a thousand pounds so quickly. Thank you SO much to all you lovely people who have donated so generously. If anyone would still like to donate, there’s plenty of time yet. Here’s the link again –

A couple of my good friends will be joining me – Janine and Lizzie (30-something weeks pregnant – go girl!). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again – you’ve made Ben and I very proud to have such generous family and friends.



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Today’s news…

Hi all. It’s Sally here, sat on the train next to Ben after a long long afternoon at the Royal Marsden. As you’ve just probably guessed from the fact that I’m writing rather than Ben, we didn’t get the positive news we were hoping for.

The CT scan that Ben had earlier today showed that the cancer has progressed, which means that the chemo hasn’t been effective and we won’t be carrying on with it. We now have another big decision to make about where we go from here in regards to treatment.

I won’t go into more detail – Ben will be posting in the next day or two when he’s had a chance to get his head round this new information – but we just wanted to let everyone know the basics of what has happened today.

We’re obviously gutted, but not giving up hope yet! Huge thanks to you all for your thoughts, messages, vibes and prayers.


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