Saskia – now available with teeth…

…or to be more specific, ‘tooth’.

That’s right – a bit of an interlude in all the cancer news now, to let you all know the somewhat happier news that yesterday we saw the appearance of Saskia’s first tooth.

I say ‘happier news’, but Saskia herself doesn’t seem to be all that pleased about it. She has been a bit out of sorts the past few days or so – having trouble sleeping, and showing some of the symptoms of teething – so we had an idea it was coming. It was nice to see it finally appear, to know we had been going down the right direction with all the teething powders, etc.

I did try to point out to her that she was making a bit of a big deal about it, and that in the grand scheme of relative problems, cutting a tooth wasn’t all that bad – but she was having none of it.

I don’t have a tooth photo to show you I’m afraid, as it’s hard enough to get her to keep still long enough to see it with the naked eye, let alone to get a photo. So in the absence of that, here’s a photo from a couple of weeks ago for your viewing pleasure…

High five!


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8 responses to “Saskia – now available with teeth…

  1. Janine Pommer

    Go Sas, what a girl! The first tooth in Faversham – well done to you. x x x

  2. Kat Edge

    Love the photo, look forward to seeing Saskia with her new tooth!

  3. Justin

    “gimme five daddy” I got a new tooth …….. you go girl one of many …. XXX

  4. Becka

    Woohoo! Nicely done Saskia! Keep up the good work xx

  5. Caroline

    Welcome to the toothy clan!! Can’t wait to see her with this new addition. Well done Saskia!
    Thanks for the update, plus I Love the pic!!

  6. Lizzie Hodge

    Go Saskia!! What a little star! love Lizzie & Eli xxx

  7. Claire & Phil Leslie

    Woop! we knew it was coming – keep your fingers out of the way!! xxx

  8. Grandad edge

    Grandad says you have the right attitude Ben. We do love the photos.
    Love from us both. When can we hope to see you all .?
    Nan and grandad.

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