Treatment Update, Update

Just another quick update to let you all know what happened yesterday.

So we went to see the consultant at Canterbury Hospital, who had a look at my scans and did a few physical checks to test brain function – stand on tip-toes, with your arms out, twirling your fingers, kind of thing (like you might see police asking suspected drugged drivers to do on ‘Police, Camera, Acton’, should you be into that).

The conclusion seemed to be that yes, my vision is certainly impaired, but beyond that everything else in there seems to be working pretty much as normal – which is good to hear.

They also advised that I reduce my dose of steroids, to just enough to keep the symptoms under control – which will be a bit nerve-wracking at first. On the plus side, it should hopefully reduce the desire to eat everything in sight (increased appetite being a side effect of steroids). Although I must admit to having very much enjoyed eating everything in sight.

The actual radiotherapy itself is pencilled in to begin on the 10th May – which is later than I expected to be honest. However, there are as yet unknown variables in there, such as whether or not I have the third cycle of chemo next week, which will depend on CT scan results. If no chemo, then radiotherapy could be brought forward.

So it’s still a bit up in the air. I will have to get in touch with the Marsden anyway to let them know I can still make my scan appointment next week, so will see what they say about the chemo, and go from there.

A good thing is that Canterbury seem fairly relaxed about overlapping the chemo and radiotherapy. Which I am pleased about – I seem to have been tolerating the chemo pretty well, so am happy to go for both.

That’s about it for yesterday’s news – will write more soon.


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6 responses to “Treatment Update, Update

  1. Katherine Edge

    Does this mean you haven’t been sharing your food with Saskia??

  2. Chris and Ivan

    Well done for successfully completing the neurological tests. No breathalyser then? I often wonder what will happen if the police pull me over and ask me to walk in a straight line!
    Glad you have got some more therapy sorted out.
    Lots of love x

  3. Claire & Phil

    So glad all the treatment will be going ahead soon Ben – time to beat this thing into submission!! xxx

  4. Ron and Nancy

    Once again, many thanks for sending your blog, Ben.
    You are in our thoughts and we so appreciate and admire you for your updates. Good that you are tolerating the chemo well and hope you get the answers this coming week to get on with your treatments ASAP. Our love to you, Sally and Saskia along with those positive vibes across the waves.
    Ron and Nancy

  5. Graham & Sandra Harding

    Hi Ben & Sally, we are neighbours of Ivan & Chris, our neighbourhood was quite good until they moved in!!! Neither of them could have done your tests, although when talking to Chris I do think I can smell something on her breath, probably what is causing her to keep spinning around. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Our Love to you all. Graham & Sandra xxx

  6. june and colin

    hi ben, its me colin again… Its around 12.57 am and im up late from doing a convention in sacramento today.. dealing with tons of people all day you would think i’d be tired, but im not…anyways, i just wanted to write to you and say thanks for keeping me posted on whats happening with you. Your doing a great job and i really admire you.. Do you remember me when i was living in england years ago? I remember this goat with horns always fighting with me at your Mums place…it kept head butting me all the time..I cant believe it, but i was only 20 years old when i moved to england.Now im 49! where does the time go?? geeze. Oh well i could keep on writing but i guess i should get some sleep.:) I will be looking for your next update on whats happening ok……
    take care buddy,
    colin xxxx

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