Vital Statistics

So week one of our new regime is done. Rather than bore you with reams of text this time I thought I’d just list a few key stats from the last week…

  1. Times out walking in the park – 10 (started Monday)
  2. Distance walked – 25 km / 16 miles
  3. Times thought might get beaten up in the park – 1 (sinister things have happened in that park)
  4. Times beaten up in the park – none (hurrah, what a lovely, idyllic park!)
  5. Cuts on feet from deciding to walk in flip-flops – 3
  6. ‘Treat’ meals – 1
  7. ‘Healthy’ meals – the rest
  8. Times wanted fish and chips – lots (depending on wind direction you can smell the nearby chip shop from our road / garden)
  9. Times had fish and chips – none (boo!)
  10. Meditations completed – 5 (missed a couple with Saskia teething)
  11. Juicers purchased – 1 (arrived yesterday, assembled this morning)
  12. Juices consumed – 1 (melon, blueberries and kiwi – very good)
  13. Steroid dose – 6 mg (originally 16 mg, reduced by one more tablet this week)
  14. Headaches – none
  15. Back pain – 3 out of 10
  16. Guns n’ Roses albums listened to – 3 (not nearly enough)
  17. Arguments with Transport for London as to whether being told you have brain cancer is an acceptable reason for forgetting to log in and pay the congestion charge that evening – 1 (apparently it’s not – thanks for that TFL, what a compassionate bunch you truly are)

There we are then – the upshot of all that (apart from TFL’s ‘contribution’ to our cause) is that I am feeling good and positive, both physically and mentally.

Hanging out in the pub

A few weeks ago I couldn’t have imagined walking sixteen miles in five days, let alone feeling much better for it.

And mentally it feels like we are taking control of the situation – doing everything we can from our side, while the doctors do their part.

Right, I promised not to bore you so will leave it there for now. Except for a little picture of Saskia taken yesterday (click on the image to see a larger version). Incidentally she celebrates being nine months old today – happy nine months to Saskia.


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8 responses to “Vital Statistics

  1. Gemma and Foster

    Hi Ben
    Well done on the new regime! Was rather impressed with Sally yesterday as she didn’t have an ice cream at the pool due to her commitment to the healthy eating plan!! Re: TFL, that really sucks- can you appeal again? The situation sefinately warrants “extenuating curcumstances”! You continue to be an inspiration…thank you for continuing to share your story. Also, was so pleased to meet you on Monday- you looked great. Love to you all xx

  2. Claire & Phil

    Hi Ben – you’re doing great!! 16miles – that’s impressive and it seems like you’re getting amazing results from the new regime – perhaps we should all join in with you!!. Lovely pic of Saskia – where did those nine months go!! Loads of love xxxx

  3. Paul Hourican

    Great stuff Ben!! Sounds like you couldn’t have a better attitude and approach!!! Bags packed (well no not really, but will do it this evening!). Checked-In and see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

    P xxx

  4. june and colin

    Its about 11.54 , almost midnight.. The weather is alittle cold but clear. June bought a new paddle board and went out with some friends on the lagoon outside my home today. Tommorrow, we are going too Muir Beach for a Firemans barbecue..every year we attend this event…Should be around 1,000 people there and a couple of bands playing rock.. There you go , alittle update on what im doing….
    Now about you…. your new regime looks like a good start…I must mention one thing…and hopefully you dont think im being pushy or bossy…but sugar is the worst thing you can eat….A very good friend of ours, came to visit today…She has Cancer…She is on Raw veg, No Sugar at all….She is totally vegan, NO MEAT either… She had another blood test and it looks like shes winning the war. I will try and get more details for you later.. In that book i told you about, they talk about the Superior diet.. The Superior Diet is a life changing regimen consisting of 100% alkline-forming, raw food. Its a major step towards achieving superior health, and longevity… As you begin the transition, the healing process will ensue, Weight will reduce as tissue acids wastes are eliminated. After a period of about one year, some weight will return. This will be totally vitalized, highly functional, acid-free tissue. The diet is, 1) Eat only raw fruits and/or their juices.
    2) Eat only raw vegetables, sprouts, and/or their juices grown above ground, with the exception of beets and carrots.
    3) Eat raw almonds that have been soaked in distilled water or 12 hours
    4) Drink distilled water with a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Five to ten drops of liquid trace minerals ( Alka-trace) may also be added per glass. Herbal teas acceptable.
    5) Bee Pollen, propulis, royal jelly, and liquid and/or powdered chlorophyll drinks.
    I know what your thinking…..ive gone completly mad….Well this is part of that book I told you about and its a miracle for many people..
    Today for lunch, i had organic sprouts, beets, salad, cucumber, corn, shredded carrots,peas, onions and alittle gluten free dressing. Everything was Organic. I also drink Coconut water,and 8.0 Alkine water.
    For dinner tonight, cabbage, carrots, peas, corn, sweet potatoes…ALL VEG, NO meat tonight….. Sometimes in the week i have alittle meat for protein, but you can get that from beans and plenty of other things.
    Ok Big Buddy Ben,
    My comments seem to get longer and longer….Is that a good thing? I think it is… ok take care and keep me posted and I will do the same. xxxx

  5. Delia Gorse

    Wow – you’re doing brilliantly !!!
    Happy 9 months to Saskia ! Hugs to you all.
    All our love,
    Mum and Dave xxx

  6. Ron and Nancy Wilson

    Hi Ben,
    Congratulations on your new approach! You have a wonderful way with writing. Saskia is such a sweetie-very cute picture!
    We were away last week-no computer and missed saying Happy Ninth Month but please give her a little kiss from us.
    I also have a friend who believes strongly in diet to fight cancer and believes it has helped her husband get through serious bladder cancer.
    Her approach is called Nutratherapy from ‘Foods That Fight Cancer’,
    McClelland & Stewart 2006. I am hoping she sends me excerpts and I will forward to Sally.
    Much love to you, Sally and Saskia. Love your humour and positive approach. R&N xoxoxo

  7. june and colin

    hello Ben,
    Its May 31 Thursday nite here in Calif…:) Im watching some British Tv show called Doc Martin….Too be honest, i would rather watch cops or something with some action, but when your married the wife gets first choice.:) Anyways, i havent heard anything on your site for a few days so i thought i would write a quick hello…. I will check in after the weekend next week….Take care and have a great weekend.
    Your over seas connection. x

  8. Jacqui

    A great place for your photos – the BBC Countryfile 2013 Calander I buy one every year. This years theme is ‘Walk on the Wild side’

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