Radio Silence

Hi all,

Just a very quick post to apologise for not posting for so long – I have been meaning to write on the blog for days, but we have just been very busy, so I haven’t quite got there yet.

However I thought I should at least post something to let you know we are all ok, as we have been getting concerned messages.

I will write a proper post tomorrow or Friday to update you all on the news from the last week or so.

But for now it’s bedtime.


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13 responses to “Radio Silence

  1. june and colin

    hello Ben,
    I will be checking your post in the next few days…
    Thanks for letting us know. I have alot to write you too.
    Your over seas connection.xxxx

  2. Paul Hourican

    Like the title of this piece Benjamin!! Radio Ga Ga!!

  3. Caroline

    Hi Ben, thanks for the note. Been thinking of you and a few of my friends and family who know of you and your blog have been asking after you. Looking forward to some holiday pics and an update. Lots of love the Dormedys xx

  4. Alan & Nella Newton

    Glad to hear you are all OK and busy, we have been thinking of you and your family and send our love

  5. Jacqui

    Great to hear that you are all good and busy busy! How’s the spinach juice going ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. june and colin

    hey ben,
    I have a friend who has cancer and its going away….He just sent me this information….Check it out. you can buy it on Amazon.. My friend is taking Protocel for Throat Cancer, and it has stopped and its almost gone..Unbelieveable… Please check out this book and order it…:)
    Talk soon,
    your over seas connection xxxx

  7. ritajoyce

    Hello Sally, Ben & Saskia.
    May I introduce myself. I am another Auntie to Sally. Auntie Joyce from Stockport, Cheshire. Ivan’s little sister. I found your blog very inspiring and found the photographs very enjoyable.
    Best Wishes and God Bless.

  8. Lynsey

    Hi Ben, I’m pleased to hear all is good and that you’re busy. I have been thinking of you, Sally and Saskia loads. I hope you had a good time away and I look forward to seeing some pics! ๐Ÿ™‚ much love to you all xxx

  9. Maureen

    Hello Ben, Sally and Saskia
    Having seen Janine today I’m hoping you are taking plenty of photos and we’ll see some pics very soon. Also hoping you’ve seen some rainbows amonst the clouds and that Saskia is distracting you rather than the effects of spinach juice!!
    Love and blessings

  10. Rachel Stead

    Hi Ben,
    Thought you might like to check out this website which a friend of mine has passed on (her daughter is being treated by Dr Zoya for breast cancer). She is actually based in Toronto but is apparently great at returning calls, emails etc.
    With love,
    Rachel (‘NCT Rachel’!) xx

  11. Hey, just a quick note to see how you’re doing. Am thinking of you

  12. Lynsey

    I hope you had a wonderful time in the Lake District Ben. Looking forward to seeing you, Sal and Saskia soon xxx

  13. Maureen

    The radio silence may be prolonged but sending you blessings and thinking of you all x

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